Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Sunday

i finally have a weekend off and boy did i need it. friday keith and i ran long over due errands, saturday i hung out with friends (post soon to follow) and today we cleaned house, even the dogs :). this is our sunday.
sunday morning essentials: semi-fresh ground coffee, french press, powdered cappuccino mix, milk frother and my favorite red mug

Trader Joe's cinnamon bunnnnns........yum
semi-annual puppy bath
dora loves this part
new lemongrass organic shampoo worked great and turned u.d. his natural white (not that it will last)
dora's fall collar. a thoughtful gift from my good friend andrea
show off!
unhappy clean puppy (he hates getting baths and hates being clean even more)

next up laundry and cleaning, however so worth it when i crawl into a nice clean cozy bed tonight! 
friday we stopped at our public library and i picked up a few quick reads. i went looking for Catching Fire but no luck. i'm number 60 on the waiting list :( but it was still worth the trip. our library is so pretty, it right down the street and they always have cool things going on during the week. next month they have a free workshop "clutter control 101." i totally need to attend.
goodnight! i hope you also had an awesome relaxing weekend.