Thursday, August 25, 2011

Midnight in Paris Double Date

one of my favorite pairs of earrings given to me by my mother. she found them on one of her travels.
justine's mini is perfect for driving in the city and even better for parking :)
here are a few images of the gorgeous costumes and scene shots from the movie. i'm totally in love with the white dress with red trim. i may have to sew myself a replica.
movie capture source
my beautiful friend justine invited us on a double date a few weeks ago while keith and i were on break from work. when she suggested Andrea's on Thayer followed by Midnight in Paris at the Avon how could I resist. the Avon Cinema is a historic single screen movie house with 1930's art deco style. we had an amazing dinner and of course Woody Allen's latest flick was quite entertaining. the scenes of Paris were truly magical and the 20's era dresses were to die for. i think a trip to france is in  our near future.  


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rainy Summer Sunday

last sunday was quite rainy, but it was still warm and the pups were itching to get out of the house. one of our favorite k-9 friendly spots is a short drive down the coast. there is a little beach perfect for the dogs to swim and for the humans to get a bite to eat.
my baby bear is a fetcher and loves to swim
i swear she is part seal. head and all goes right under.
since miss bear does not like to leave the water and my little wonder dog only like to go in knee deep he is always happy to complete the fetching for her 

miss bear waiting in the rain for her papa
fish and chip dinner in the back of the wagon 
dreamy trailer by the sea


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Newport Folk Festival Day Two

day two started off with a rough beginning. riding into Fort Adams State park the road gets very narrow and the bike lane disappears :( unfortunately for me i was in the front of the bicycle pack and all of a sudden i had a choice, hit a car or the curb. for a brief moment i thought back to my bmx days and maybe i still had the skill to jump a curb. boy was i wrong. before i knew it i was skidding and bouncing across the grass with my skirt wrapped up around my waist. yes! not only did i fall off my bike in front of a car line full of observers i also flashed them my plump bottom. ouch! after a heart filled giggle with my keith i quickly recovered. he reminded me i was no longer 13 and i could not jump curbs with a beach cruiser wearing skirt and platform sandals. besides that part the day was awesome :)
 David Wax Museum and The Secret Sisters with a great picnic spot out of the sun
once my ego recovered i picked up my camera. Trampled by Turtles were excellent and girl across the tent yelled "i want to be trampled by your turtle" which i thought was quite funny and clever.
Justin Townes Earle. we had a little misunderstanding during his show, but thanks to my friends explaining a few things   i like him again (sorry Justin.)
lots of listeners from the bay
Elvis Costello main stage 
he can sleep anywhere
The Civil Wars completed our day <3. need i say more.
a few bumps and grass stains but i was just fine
back to the hotel for a sunset toast with a dark and stormy 
a cozy dinner and late night stroll topped off our newport weekend