Sunday, August 17, 2014

Newport Folk Festival 2014

a few weeks back keith, kingston and i headed to coast for the newport folk festival. it is a much anticipated summer event around our house. keith and i look forward to this weekend all year. partly because its not just a weekend. the line up is announced over several months as they book different bands, so its fun to check them out together. we lay out a plan of attack for who we want to see perform. it's a great way to discover new music and adds to the excitement of seeing some favorites. also we get to share the music with our little cub, which makes the weekend really fun for him. he is always delighted to see the performance when he recognizes the music.

the weekend was amazing, even though we decide to forgo sunday. the weather wasn't looking so hot so we gave up our tickets to a very happy friend. however, friday and saturday did not disappoint, so many talented artists. our little man was excellent and the music like always could not be better. here are a few photos of the performances, our weekend and a ton of kingston.
fabulous sound of phox at the quad stage

this little dude clearly approves 

someone wouldn't keep his ear protection on so mama had to listen to reignwolf from the back of the fort. dad got to stay and enjoy the show, but we escaped the heat and discovered squarespace studios. the group offered fun artistic actives such as mural painting, chalk by number and if you wrote out a postcard they added postage and mailed it for you. plus they were giving out free goodies. how cool is that?. 

dad made us yummy picnic lunches and of course we splurged on a few yummy festival treats. cold brewed coffee and hand cut fries get me every time.

spirit family reunion at the kids tent. very thankful the festival has stayed so child friendly. we loved the music there this year, crafts and snacks. 

this kid and his excitement over seeing these artist was incredible. happy we made room for his guitar. he thought he was hot stuff jamming like the talent. the faces were killing me.

too cool for school

friday night favorite, band of horses. so good!

finally put the guitar down to run around with dad while listening to ryan adams.

until saturday

patiently waiting for j. roddy walston and the business through sound check. what a tease. and someone was getting very tired.

and then this happened. but it only lasted through a few songs. once heavy bells started he jumped up and was ready to rock. it was very funny.

if you don't know shaky graves, you should. he's incredible.  
dad had to hold his harmonica, because he insisted on trying to play it while playing his guitar. do they sell harmonic neck holders this small? i guess i will be finding out. 

local favorite deer tick. their white suits crack me up.  

inspired by mr. jack white on stage.

singing with dad
this kid is a trooper two very long days and he was a happy kid the whole time. 

lake street dive
the milk carton kids
pokey lafarge
john c reilly and friends

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xo, beth-ann