Monday, April 15, 2013

Change is in the Air

happy spring everyone! spring is a time of rebirth, new blooms, longer days and for us here at Greenwhale blog a name change. we are quite fond of the name Greenwhale, but the name was chosen with a different type of blog in mind. my original plan for this blog was a very focused subject and i quickly learned that to maintain a very focused blog is very very time consuming. i would start a post and never finish because i always had more research to do or needed more photos. as my drafts piled up i became frustrated. a friend suggested to just write about something simple to get the ball rolling so to speak. i started writing more personal posts. these came easier since i already document our life with lots of photos. this has resulted in a very personal blog and even though i love the name Greenwhale i just can't get over the little voice in my head reminding me that this just doesn't fit.

a very talented friend made my baby shower invitations and in the process created a logo for us. a family seal almost. we love how the final product is so fun and relaxed. she really captured how we were feeling about this new journey into parenthood. the image of this family logo has since teamed with that nagging voice in my head along with a few brainstorming sessions with keith we have decided on a new name and logo. drum role please....

tada! i hope you like it.

if you enjoy following us please don't forget to update your bookmarks, google readers, bloglovin and rss feeds to our new URL:     WWW.CAMPANYWHERE.BLOGSPOT.COM 

xoxo, beth-ann