Sunday, September 23, 2012

26 Weeks

end of the second trimester
love taking photos in the Narrows Gallery this time of day
rockin' my new marilyn tee c/o HOOD CLOTHING INC
the Rustic
front row
screen #1
 xo, beth-ann

prescription glasses : micheal kors, cardigan : ralph lauren (outlet), maternity leggings : old navy, tunic tee : c/o HOOD CLOTHING INC, fuzzy boot moccasins : alloy (last year)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

End Of The Baby Bump Summer

1. 2. 3. 4. beach day and what i thought was a good size bump at the time
5. baby cake inspired by our announcement photos week 12 here
6. 7. 8. 9. 10. nephew friendly hiking in new hampshire 
11. 12. sleeping kiddos
13. 14. swings in the park before dinner
15. the best smoothie i ever had (made with coconut milk)
16. 17. french food truck dinner 
18. the "wiener mobile" my sister-in-law and i both have had sighting only while pregnant (weird)
19. 20. 21. 22. 23. Whiskey Republic dog days on deck
24. i just can not stop eating ice cream
25. our garden tomatoes
26. Narrows Festival of the Arts
27. 28. Mt. Hope Farms
29. 30. mostly sparkling water for this mama-to-be (cocktail party are just not the same when you can only have 4oz of red wine)
31. 32. double feature, ParaNormen and The Bourne Legacy at the Rustic Drive-In

Hope you had a great summer! 

xo, beth-ann

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

25 Weeks

caught a great time of day to capture some bump shadows. amongst some other not so welcome curves.

xo, beth-ann

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Folk Festival Summer 2012

the Newport Folk Festival was incredible this years. the line-up was kick ass and as usual we had a great time in Newport. we attended two days of amazing music. the festival is always a good time and very family friendly. i am looking forward to bringing our little bambino next year. here is our weekend via my camera. i also added links so you could have listen.

after fighting about where to place our umbrella for the day in the front of the main stage (i think i made keith dig at least 4 holes with a bamboo knife) we quickly recovered and made-up. then headed over to the museum stage to see GraveRobbers. the band was very cool and the idea of another stage is great except the building does not hold that many people. if you were lucky enough to get in, it was a great place out of the sun to listen.

our saturday line-up selections. we like to see the whole set so we rarely split band time.
the GraveRobbers. some people watched the band from outside the widows. 
Preservation Hall Jazz Band. so happy they were back this year. love them.
hydrating snacks with our picnic lunch for mama-to-be
keith's turn. we only carried one chair and the blanket with us this year. it worked out well.
Alabama Shakes totally rocked. they were sooooo good :) 
they were moved to the main stage and good thing. they drew a big crowd.
not sure if we are having a girl but i could not resist buying this. 
My Morning Jacket. keith's favorite for the day.
the dark clouds started rolling in. they played on. the rain started they continued to play.
the lightning began to strike and they disappeared pretty quick. 
finally made it to dinner after standing in the pouring rain for an hour and one very soggy boat ride. poor keith did his best holding the giant beach umbrella above us and even invited a few others while standing in line for the water taxis. 
rainy night
keith's coma state after the very long day
my coma state after the very long day, but ready to do it all over again tomorrow.
day 2
Sara Watkins. she was really good. 
one of our favorites. Trampled by Turtles.
they rocked as always

keith could not resist
Gary Clark Jr. wow! that is all i have to say.
seriously check him out!!! click here
had to put my tee on under my dress because the weather was cool on sunday. i was not complaining. it is usually super hot.
Of Monsters and Men!!! they were awesome. their music is so much fun. i love the stories. 
their set did not disappoint. i just wish NPR offered a recording of  their live performance.
the tunnel 
we did not push our luck the second day and headed back downtown before we got stuck in the rain ;)
good thing we did, because the skies got dark quickly on the ride back
and darker
and darker
call girl. such a cool name for a water taxi.
thanks for the ride
after dinner we headed over to Clarke Cooke House for drinks. the sky cleared just enough to catch a little bit of the sunset and we had great seats for the show. keith had a few dark and stormy's and i a small glass of red wine. the best part is the wharf's Ben and Jerry's stays open until 11pm :) have i mentioned i can not get enough ice cream this summer. 
i am not sure what next summer will bring, but i am pretty sure it will be a little different with a new baby. and i am sure new adventures. do you have a favorite thing that you do every summer?