Monday, June 22, 2015


keith and i have been working hard at this whole 30 cleanse thing. i always felt i didn't have the will power to do something like whole 30. however, the last couple of months i have been not feeling well after eating, sluggish and was feeling completely defeated in the fertility department. i was mentally ready for the challenge. my sweet husband offered to support me on this journey knowing we would be stronger and successful together. i'm a lucky lady. the first four or five days were pretty miserable, but since that point we have both felt great energy wise. i never realized how much we associate socializing around food. we still get a little moody once in while since we can't enjoy a beer, glass of wine or sweet treat especially around friends.  regardless i am really enjoying the process and will continue to practice several of the clean eating ideas we have learned. and keith is already planning our cleanse for next year. 

last sunday, day 10, kingston called me from his crib about 5:30. i usually stumble in eyes half open and bring him into our bed to nurse and sleep a little longer. but this time i could not fall back to sleep. i was wide eyed, motivated and ready to take on the day with my family. i was showered and dress before 7:00. my husband woke and couldn't believe his eyes. we had several commitments later that  afternoon so i figured we would be home until it was time to head out. but keith suggested breakfast out and a walk on the beach. i was more than willing to hit the road. the day was beautiful and we were all due for some time out of the house. we were at breakfast by 8:00 and at the beach by 9:30. 

we could not have asked for a better morning. the ocean was clear and to our surprise has already started to warm up. i wish we would have worn our suits. that salty water was calling. suit or no suit our little cub was going in and what a good time he had, a smile ear to ear and he could not stop giggling with excitement. keith and i agreed we would make an effort to get out here at least once a week while the weather is good. i'm really looking forward to our next trip to beach.

xo, beth-ann