Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Bath

i'm a big fan of bathing outdoors. there is just something about an outside shower that is so relaxing. it is one of my favorite things about summer in new england. since the season has officially arrived and the weather here is really heating up i filled our little campers bath with luke warm water and headed to the back porch. he was quite content in the fresh air and baby bucket. i was a little envious of him.
hot, cranky and tired 
looks like his dad when he is serious 
ready for bed
stacking ducks and baby bathxo, beth-ann

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy You Rock

keith is an amazing dad. kingston absolutely beams when keith walks in the door from work or rolls over to see him still in bed on weekends. i love the way he looks at him. seeing them together melts my heart. our little camper is really laying it on for father's day weekend. he is reaching for keith, cuddling him and we are pretty sure he started saying dada on friday. happy father day weekend my love.

love them as big as the moon!
xo, beth-ann

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paris Calling

keith and i spent an amazing nine days in paris last year as part of our slow down, relax and get knocked up plan. we had been battling with infertility for almost five years and it was starting to finally break me. i had always wanted to visit france, but it was never on the top of keith's travel wish list. paris was one of the few places we disagreed on. however, keith recognized that i needed to do something special that year and to my delight he suggested that we holiday in paris.

the year before i worked long days and many weekend for a special project at work. we had put off most travel plans that year so we were over due for some much needed time off. since paris can be on the pricey side we decided to travel off season and planned our visit for february. it was a gamble weather wise, but it payed off. most days were cool and sunny and lacked in heavy tourist traffic.

keith and i brushed up on our basic french and booked our plane tickets. keith watched airline prices starting about 8 weeks in advance and gave ourselves a window of arrival and departure dates to take advantage of the most economical fares. once we had the dates i booked a tiny studio in the neighborhood of montmartre via airbnb. i also started researching budget friendly things to do in paris.

in anticipation of our paris adventure we made a list of places we wanted to explore. we also had fun creating a mental list of movie locations we had hoped to find while doing some scouting on foot. at night after dinner and a few drinks we hunted for the foot bridge from inception, the cafe from amelie and the stairs from midnight in paris. prior to our trip, keith and i re-watched movies that were filmed in paris. it was really fun having our little french theme nights. my friends even threw me a french dinner party for my birthday before we left.

upon arrival we purchased, a carte orange now known as passé navigo, a weekly public transportation pass. the pass allowed us to get within walking distance to everything we wanted to do or see. keith downloaded some edith piaf to the ipad and we settled into our cozy room. keith and i had the best time in paris. we long to return soon.

view from the steps of the basilique du sacre coeur

we spent an afternoon walking pere-lachaise
the tree near jim's grave

it was oddly perfect
oscar wilde had the most interesting resting place with kisses and lipstick hearts

the first time we saw this sparkling beauty we were running by her in full sprint about to miss our pre-booked dinner cruise down the seine. we were in awe of her magnificence and finally understand what all the fuss is about. we never did make the boat that night. 
grande cappuccino
la halle saint pierre gallery is located right around the corner from the studio
wall of love in montmartre
record shopping
one of many nights walking 
paris sky
loved having breakfast outside under the heat lamps in february  
wish new englanders embraced outside dinning out of season 
best bakery
day at the louve
people get very pushy around mona. can't imagine what it must be like here in the spring or summer. 
preferred mode of transportation 
people watching
they let us take the boat cruise another night. that would never happen at home. 
pad locks of love on the bridge and the back side of notre dame. a wise friend advised me not to forget to check out the back. she thinks it is more beautiful than the front and i agree.  
vintage prints and books
more people watching
real estate at the nouveau casino
arts et métiers. my favorite station. how cool is it that the city commissions artist to do work like this.
musee des arts et métiers
love that he fell in love
french bread, french onion soap, french dressing and french fries. ha. 
agreed this was the street they drove up in midnight in paris  
dinner outside
pomodoro. best italian place. the owner served us late one night and it was so good. we went back for seconds later in the week.
lots of good street art
too many movies to name
not quite sure about the name but keith insisted. one of hemingways' favorites.
that red vest made him easy to spot
the cafe from amelie, cafe des 2 moulins
love the apple dish
so happy
our last night in paris we were getting ready for bed. it was about 12:30 and keith says lets go see the eiffel tower one last time. my boots and coat were back on within seconds. we walked quickly to the metro station and just made it to the park for the finally show of the night. it was truly magical. keith and i slowly walked to passy station. on the way we spotted the familiar arches of the foot bridge for the film inception and luckily caught the last train home. until next time paris. merci.
the foot bridge from the movie inception, pont de bir-hakeim
xoxo, beth-ann

ps. this is a helpful reference guide