Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day Trip: Monhegan Island

as part of our maine road trip this fall we hopped on the monhegan boat line out of port clyde for a day trip to monhegan island. we packed the stroller with picnic goodies and headed to the dock. our little cub was so excited to board the ferry and the soft rocking of the boat helped him fall a sleep for a morning nap. posted on the ferry walls were helpful maps with recommendation on trails to hike and what the local eateries offer. when we arrived we headed up to lighthouse and found a shady spot for lunch. after we enjoyed our tuna sandwiches and the view of the port below we continued heading east to whitehead trail. the wide trails were easy to follow and the views are beautiful. 

we made sure we left plenty of time to hit the local brewery, monheagan brewing company, after exploring a good part of the island. their balmy days k├Âlsch is amazing and makes it hard to leave their porch, but a short walk down the road to lobster cove is well worth the effort. 

a few photos from the rest of our stay back on the main land. someone has a new found love for black raspberry ice cream and an on going love for digging. until next new time maine. 


xo, beth-ann

helpful links to plan your trip: monheganboat.com / monheganbrewing.commonheganwelcome.com