Sunday, March 8, 2015

2015 Providence Children's Film Festival

over president's day weekend we originally had plans to head north, but with the anticipation of another generous snow storm we opted to stay closer to home. feeling a little blue about our circumstance i wanted to make our few days together special. keith regularly only has sundays off and this weekend he had not only saturday off, but monday as well. i search the local papers and sights for something new, interesting and fun for our family, not an easy task seeing it is the coldest month of the year in new england. i claimed victory when i stumbled upon the providence children's film festival. we recently have been allowing our cub to view a little boob tube and how fun to see a children's movie in my favorite little theater the avon. the film festivals webpage made it super simple to find appropriate viewing by categorizing everything by age group. we found two movies that i knew our family would enjoy, song of the sea this weekend and okee dokee brothers through the woods: an appalachian adventure the following week. 

friday night i put the whole house to bed early, since we had a full day ahead of us on saturday. starting with the winters farmers market in the a.m., song of the sea in the afternoon, a late lunch at johnny rockets and then home for pizza making and adult beverages for the grow ups. the day, even though it was busy, it was the good kind of busy… in a fun relaxing way. song of the sea was magical. the animation was beautiful and the sweet story strummed on all emotions. i definitely had to wipe a tear or two away at times. 

the following week we packed the cub and the cousins in the car and headed back to providence for a night of fun. music, movie, flat bread pizza for dinner and a late night snowy walk. the boys had a blast and kingston could not be happier when his big cousins are around. somehow i got my husband to agree to this and a sleep over. he is so patient and willing to go along with my crazy ideas. i'm a lucky girl. the okee dokee brothers hiking the appalachian trail playing music, learning new songs, about new music and being as silly as boys can be really made these kiddo's night. there was much to talk about over breakfast the next morning. 

xo, beth-ann