Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beach Time

things have been so busy lately the summer, like spring, is moving too fast. can some one please ask father time to slow down! this sweet baby boy, now toddler is growing way to fast for this mama's liking.

anyway, we did get to the beach for the first time this season for an evening of swimming, rock collecting and surf watching. i also found out that my little one has absolutely no fear of running head first into the ocean. resulting in a wave face plant and mom still fully dressed soaked up to her knees. needless to say our night started off a little rocky, but settled down quite nicely and became a relaxing  night by the fire.

fleece throw ℅ american blanket company

xo, beth-ann

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Catching Up

spring slipped through our fingers here at camp anywhere. a new assignment at work, now going on month four, is keeping me all too busy. resulting in my little piece of cyber space here totally neglected. however, i am determined to continue writing and make more time for our family journal. so lets catch up!

we had such a long winter here in new england. everyone seemed to be in hibernation, but at the first sign of warmer weather a social mood settled in once again. this spring brought quite an awaking. we attended parties, spent more time with friends and family, took a road trip to the white mountains and a second one to maine. all good things, so let me share the highlights (if you follow on instagram you may have already seen a few of these.) hope you don't mind, this a long one...

we bought him this guitar, which quickly became him favorite toy
he reaches for us to hold his hand. it melts my heart. love those little dirty fingers.  
first long hike for him, tucker man ravine trail. he slept on my back to the shelter. he nursed, shared a snack and took in the incredible sight at hermit lake. our decent was not so peaceful. i had to bring him to my front and nurse him while we hiked the rest of the way down the mountain.  that will be a story for when he is older ;)
vo joined us for the hike. such a proud grandpa.
lots of swimming
one more before heading home
decided to not cross the lake to the hut. it was too windy in the open.   
post hike snack in the way back
my favorite photo to date. those toes and that face make me smile every time.
she destroyed this beach find in about 20 minutes
dog watching after dinner
first cut :/ had to be done
all a boy needs 
exploring in maine
the trail is wide towards the beginning and the end. keith and i were holding hands as we made our way to the car. this cub wanted in, so dad had to hold his hand into dreamland. 
a nice clean bike and new seat for kingston on mother's day. thanks babe! i don't think my bike has been washed in at least six years. although there was that one time we got caught in a serious down pour. does that count?
while in new hampshire we saw a band several times that covered mumford and sons, i will wait. he is now obsessed with the song and mimics them as he sings "i will, i will"... it's very cute.
now we are focused on welcoming summer and enjoying some time close to home until fall. we tend to not travel during the summer months since there is so much to do close by. topping our list is our annual trip to the newport folk festival, biking to the local port and jumping on the new ferry to spend the day on block island, having as many picnics as one can jam into a summer, beach time and of course some backyard camping. what are your fun summer "to do's"? i would love to hear from you. we are always looking for new ideas as he grows.

xo, beth-ann