Monday, September 30, 2013

September Sun

september sneaks up on us every year. the long hot days of august seem like they will never end then all of a sudden labor day weekend hits and days instantly change. the air is cooler, the sun does not sit quite so high in the sky and the nights already feel longer. however, the end of summer and into the fall is definitely my favorite time to enjoy the beach. the crowds have departed and dogs are once again welcome.  

sam: auntie beth do you love the ocean? 
me: yes sam. i love the ocean very much.
sam: me too. will you take me surfing?
me: {lol!} yes. someday, but you have to learn how to swim first.  

the boys (young and old) yelled, splashed, ran and body surfed. dora fetched while the other dogs barked and wade for her to return her stick. kingston watched and laughed. and we all enjoyed a quick picnic at dusk before heading home. what are your favorite outdoor activities with kiddos? i would love to hear about them.  

xo, beth-ann

Monday, September 9, 2013

Family Road Trip

a few weeks ago we joined my family for a road trip north to the white mountains. there were six adults and three kiddos in one chalet. i was a little nervous because all of us together can get a little crazy to say the least, but we all had a great time. we had so much fun that no one wanted to leave.the chalet was adorable with its red shutters, swiss feel and beautiful view. the weather was perfect. we spent lots of time outside in the fresh mountain air, eating good food and ice cream, hiking, swimming, dancing and even a little relaxing. 

kingston was totally spoiled since a few of his favorite things are being outside and hanging out with his cousins. he loves them so much and was thrilled to wake up to them (more like woken up by them) every morning. one night we were playing in the living room and he started to stand with out holding on to anything. i wanted to die. haha..... yikes. i swear it is because he wants to run around and act silly with them so desperately. 

keith and i love this area of new hampshire. we have actually just returned from are second visit there this summer. i will be posting about that trip soon.

xo, beth-ann

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Six Years!

six years married to this boy.
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i always feel the same, time goes by way too fast. i feel like keith and i have only been married a few years. since we welcomed our littlest camper in december the days have really gotten away from me and here we are again. marriage is not always easy, but there is no else i would rather share my life with.

my in-laws treated us to a very nice dinner this past weekend and we are heading back up north this coming week to continue our little celebration. we rented a cute little pet friendly cabin so baby and pups are included.

 happy anniversary honey! 

xo, beth-ann