Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Extra Long Weekend

keith had several days off last week. none of them in a row, but who cares we'll take it. the weather has been super hot here. some how we manage to avoid most of the hot weather by staying close to the coast. we enjoyed breakfasts on the front porch, a forth of july party at a friends beach cottage (swimming and awesome fireworks included), a drive to the westport rivers winery for a night spent with good friends, drinks and music from the red eye flight band, and a sunset picnic (courtesy of the rocket truck) at blithewold mansion with my mom and dad.

it was a great holiday week. i hope the summer continues to be full of carefree fun. of course, i have a list of things that we love to do so hopefully we will get to them all. keith and i are also trying to consider more family friendly things to do in our area. what are some of your favorite kiddo friendly summer outings?

xo, beth-ann

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Making of a Beach Baby

keith and i both grew up with wonderful memories of time spent by the sea. we love the ocean and would like to create the same appreciation in our little kingston. this video is of his first time experiencing that awesome salty water. i can't wait to bring him for a real swim once the water warms up a bit.

xo, beth-ann

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Six Months

one of two huge jumping rocks
that smile is contagious
i wish he napped like this at home
i love this time of day
clear blue skies
no trip to the beach would be complete without a stop for homemade ice cream.
keith has turned me into a big fan of strawberry and woods farm has the best.

xo, beth-ann