Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

38 Weeks

my replacement beverage yacht club peach seltzer (made in n. providence ri)
BIG baby bump
and i love it

i have held off on this post for a few days due to the horrific events on december 14th. i have been lost for words. my sweet family tried their best to shelter me from what had happened friday, but within two minutes of listening to the radio in the car on my way to my midwife appointment i was filled in very quickly. i fought the tears until the reality of what had happened set in the next day. the sadness has sat very heavy on my heart like most others. as i go into labor this morning, our deepest sympathy and thoughts go out to all the families that had their loved ones so unfairly taken from them this week.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Upcycled Baby Carrier

snugli was a common name used while growing up in our house. my mother and father often said "thank god for the snugli. it was all beth wanted to be in as a baby." i grew up thinking everyone carried their babies around like this and so would i someday. why wouldn't you? it seems likes the natural thing to do. recently i realized that baby wearing was not as popular in america as i assumed but it is making resurgence

why shouldn’t babies be held and carried for as long as they need to be ? i learned that  it takes a baby about 6 months to realize that it is even separate from you. when i started trying to get pregnant my mother told me that she still had a snugli and that it was mine when the time came. once it finally did the snugli was one of the first things i asked her about. she dug it out and i decided i wanted to add my own touch to it to make it mine. when i ever stumbled upon this vintage trim from the seventies on etsy, i knew it would be perfect for my upcycle baby carrier project. 

i had fully planned to sew this little project on my own, but since i have not sat at the sewing machine in a while my mother asked a much more experienced family friend to add the trim. after seeing how beautiful the carrier came out i was thankful to have the help. it was a better idea to have a skilled sewer complete the task. i am thrilled with the results. 

the soft corduroy baby carrier was made by snugli in the 70's. i love that it has an adjustable infant insert with snaps.
i fell in love with the trees and adorable windmills AND the colors were great for a boy or girl.
old school love
xo, beth-ann

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

37 Weeks

i think underdog and dora enjoy the new ritual of me reading children's book out load
the baby bump. to paint or leave natural? 
xo, beth-ann

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gifts For Him Under The Tree

i find men are the hardest to buy for so all through the year i try to make mental notes of things that keith might like. we only purchase a few gifts for each other so i like them to be well thought out. keith and i have been wearing rope bracelet for a long as i can remember. i love the classic two dollar shrink to your wrist ones. since they have become more popular again i am always on the hunt for a more unique look. keil james patrick, made locally in rhode island, offers many great nautical styles. they are not two dollars, but well worth it the price if they become a permit fixture on your man's wrist like mine. next up. cardigans, cardigans once keith wore one several winters ago he has never looked back. he is quite rough on clothing so i like to get him one nice warm cardigan each year. along with cardigans this boy loves his coffee. we are big fans of the french press, but have been dying to experiment with the slow drip process. he is partially found of new harvest coffee roasters, another one of our rhode island favorites that offers the chemex pour-over brewer in multiple sizes. keith has also been looking into is beard and mustache care products. he can't seem to commit to purchase so i think i will do it for him. and finally, he likes to cook. who am i to argue. what will you be purchasing for the male in your life this year?

one.  keil james patrick atlantic whalers bracelet : two.  obey vagabond cardigan : three.  chemex pour-over brewer : four. professional edward j. fuzzworthy's beard care gloss (this product is offered on amazon) : five.  cook with jaime: my guide to making you a better cook

xo, beth-ann

36 Weeks

yup! still getting bigger

xo, beth-ann

Sunday, December 9, 2012

35 Weeks

holy big baby bump

xo, beth-ann

Newborn Gifts Under The Tree

i am hoping the baby will be here for christmas (preferably not on christmas.) initially i was thinking i could control the urge to purchase gifts for this little one. since the baby has no concept of the holiday i thought it would be foolish to buy anything. however, since then i have bought two of the these five favorite things on the list. so much for that idea. i just think these items are perfect for a winter arrival and since i will have to wait almost a whole year for a first birthday i cracked. 

No.1 on the night you were born : No. 2 indoor/outdoor solvo swing : No. 3 sherpa hat  : No. 4 mustache walnut pull : No. 5 babysoy janet baby one piece

xo, beth-ann

34 Weeks

xo, beth-ann

Saturday, December 8, 2012

33 Weeks

onesie making station 
a sea of beautiful guests
good friends
lots of homemade treats
i know i should not have a favorite but if i had to choose
the plan was for this papa to go however it was over so quick he never had a chance
xo, beth-ann