Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crickets. I know.

it has been very quite around here lately, sorry about that. however, work has finally hit a normal pace and i have been looking forward to posting again. here is a post that i intended to share quite a while ago, but never got around to it.  
on one of our days off this summer, since it was not a beach day, keith and i decided to head to providence for a beer and some culture. 

we wanted to enjoy a drink outside so we started off at the WHISKEY REPUBLIC. we had only been there at night, but the location is pretty cool and they have a beautiful deck.
with a cool view of the city there is lots to checkout.
supporting local as usual
i love the sunglasses reflection shot. keith always wear large frames which are perfect for it.
nachos!!! and of course the sun started to shine when we were getting ready to move on.
next stop the RISD museum to checkout the Cocktail Culture exhibit. the museum offers quite the experience from an amazing collection, exhibits, historic buildings and student works. also the east side of providence is quite dreamy and fun to walk through.   
love this rooftop view
Benson's Summer was appropriate at the time this was post was intended for
i really want a home projector. so fun!
super cute green bicycle <3 
sometimes i wish all days could be like this.      

xo, beth-ann 

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