Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Beginning

first, let me share the biggest news of our year. i am so excited i can not even contain myself. ready...... keith and i are excepting our first BABY! it has been a long road for us. we have been trying to conceive a little munchkin for 4+ years. i can not believe it is finally happening.

at the end of 2010 we finally decided to see a fertility doctor. it was hard for me to admit something might be wrong or maybe it was just my stubbornness. i don't know i just really wanted things to happen naturally. the subject came up with a good friend and after i expressed how i felt about it he turned to me and said well if your leg was broken would you not go to the hospital. this was a very good point and my perspective started to change. i felt so much better about getting help and it was the best thing we could have done. our doctor and his office were so amazing. the most compassionate group of people. we can not thank them enough. after a year of poking, prodding, procedures and disappointment we decided to take a break and enjoy a baby free life as keith always put it. he kept my spirt up by never doubting that we would one day be parents. he was so confident before and after this last procedure, i am so happy to have such a supportive partner.

since we are not sure if this will be are only chance to be pregnant i want to remember as much as possible so we decided to keep a journal. i am a little behind posting, but i will do my best to catch up with the journal entries here.

this is the first entry.

xoxo, beth-ann a.k.a super excited mommy to be


  1. This one has me crying, remembering... It is such a hard journey. We are the lucky ones. The ones for who all the treatments, tests, needles, and transfers worked.
    I am so happy for you guys, and am super happy that you you will soon join us in sleepless nights and unbounded joy!

  2. Thanks Jenn. And thanks for commenting :) I hope to have a little cutie just like yours soon.