Saturday, August 18, 2012

Packing For A Weekend Away

heading to newport for the folk festival weekend is something keith and i look forward to all year. we always have a great time and who doesn't love a weekend away. however, packing for a weekend is not my favorite thing to do. i like to pack light and i find weekend packing can be more challenging than a longer holiday. the two days at the festival are long so my number one priority is comfort (especially this year with a prego belly) and the second priority is looking cute. here is my strategy for packing. 

i always keep in mind that the weekend is at the end of july. it is usually quite hot and you are exposed to the sun for a good part of the day. a big hat to shade my face from the sun and open footwear to easily kick off hot feet are a must. while selecting items i make sure most pieces can be mixed and matched. my sweater needs to go with everything. the same for my shoes and accessories. while on any kind of travel i find it easier to keep track of my things if i reduce what i bring. i find it hard to to stay organized so the less i have the better. finally my saturday and sunday choices have to work for day and carry into the night. 

clothing list for the weekend:

1. straw hat with linen scarf (the scarf does double duty as a tie for my hat and to wrap around my neck for cool newport nights)
2. chocolate brown cashmere hoody (nice and light to stick in your bag, but keeps you toasty when needed. we are in new england. you never know what the weather will bring)
3. cozy pj bottoms and t-shirt for bedtime
4. one necklace, one ring, one set of simple gold earrings used to dress up any look for the night (if you are only packing a few pieces you want them to go with everything)
5. maxi dress in a very light cozy material
6. swim suit for a dip the hotel pool
7. brown leather flip flops can be wore with any of the outfits and to the pool
8. classic navy dr.scholl's slides
9. vintage wrap skirt
10. two white tanks (white can be tough to keep clean all day)
11. kelly green tank and jean shorts to wear for the ride home

vintage skirt, dr. scholl's and white tank left out to start the day saturday. everything else fits in my favorite weekender with plenty of room for my small makeup bag and large toilettes bag.

do you have any good tips for packing light? i would love to read them.

xo, beth-ann

ps. i did add a pair of maternity jeans last minute to wear if the nights happen to be super chilly and an umbrella there is rain in the

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  1. Just wait... soon there will be diapers and wipes and onesies and toys and snacks and and and and and.... ;)