Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pillow Talk: sweet dreams

my bedside table has been taken over. before pregnancy it was a home to my phone, ipad, fashion magazines and whatever novel i was leisurely reading. during pregnancy it slowly collected baby and parenting books until it was covered with them (as seen here.) but lately, somehow all my reading has disappeared and has been replaced with diapers, wipes, snot suckers, baby balms and children's bedtime stories. how this happened i'm not quite sure. but this it what it currently looks like. *diapers, wipes and snot sucker were kicked to the floor for photo op. 

my favorite books to read kingston before bed
we love badger organic night night balm. we all get a dab or two under the nose before we close our eyes. 
a book of sleep is beautifully illustrated with a sweet little story about the different ways animals sleep
it's time to sleep, my love is a lyrical like read with wonderful illustrations. i like to save this one for last.
xo, beth-ann

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