Monday, September 30, 2013

September Sun

september sneaks up on us every year. the long hot days of august seem like they will never end then all of a sudden labor day weekend hits and days instantly change. the air is cooler, the sun does not sit quite so high in the sky and the nights already feel longer. however, the end of summer and into the fall is definitely my favorite time to enjoy the beach. the crowds have departed and dogs are once again welcome.  

sam: auntie beth do you love the ocean? 
me: yes sam. i love the ocean very much.
sam: me too. will you take me surfing?
me: {lol!} yes. someday, but you have to learn how to swim first.  

the boys (young and old) yelled, splashed, ran and body surfed. dora fetched while the other dogs barked and wade for her to return her stick. kingston watched and laughed. and we all enjoyed a quick picnic at dusk before heading home. what are your favorite outdoor activities with kiddos? i would love to hear about them.  

xo, beth-ann

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