Saturday, March 1, 2014

Less Is More

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keith and i set a few goals this year. not really new years resolutions just a few ideas that i think most people strive for. first, we want to take better care of our selves by addressing any medical issues that have creeped up over the years, exercise more and eat a little healthier. the other is to reduce the amount of stuff we own. since purchasing our first home we have accumulated a large number of things. we more than doubled our living space and some how we filled it with all kinds of stuff. stuff we don't need or even really want. this has been a subject of stress for me over the past year. the thought of all the clutter drives me nuts. while pregnant in 2012 during my nesting phase we did remove over 20 trash bags full of clothing and other house hold items. along with another year of small purchases and little weeding of the old, we have a new baby this year and a whole new set of possessions.

keith is finally starting to see the issue and understands my point of view about having too many possessions.  i don't think we will ever reach minimalist status, but practicing a little of the ideals will be good for us.  as february rolled around i reminded keith that our "reducing" goal was not making much progress. he told me he had read about a march minimalist challenge. each member of the family selects an item each day and placing it in a closed box by the door. at the end of each week the box goes off the donation. well... it is march 1st. i'm very excited to start. i've made my selection and already thinking about tomorrow.  how do you keep your home's clutter under control? i would love to hear any good ideas or practices you would like to share. 

xo, beth-ann

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