Friday, May 29, 2015

Camper Remodel Ideas

the mountains

here are two design board ideas i have been working on for round one of our camper remodel. new cushion fabric, recovered counter tops and maybe some interior paint will be part of round two. but, in the mean time, i'm stuck. keith and i agree on not painting the cabinets which seems to be popular with other remodels we have seen online. we like the finish and decided to work around that concept. since the cabinets are a medium tone we want to keep the floor light. i really like the curtain fabric and rock hardware of wanderlust, the hiking theme, but the brightness of the mountains, the natural theme, keeps pulling me back. basically i sit in limbo. what do you think? which one would you choose? 
links :::: privacy curtain :: outdoor lighting :: fluff :: flooring :: hardware :: outdoor rug

xo, beth-ann