Monday, March 7, 2016

Eco Holiday Guide: Bunny Madness

#1 wooden eggs || #2 book one, book two, book three || #3 egg dye || #4 bunny plate || #5 OYOY rabbit || #6 bunny ear bag || #7 bunny ear teether || #8 stuffier one, stuffier two

easter is early this year, which i hope means warmer weather is soon to come. in the meantime i will take the longer days and the celebration of spring even if it is still rainy and cool. like so many of our holidays, we celebrate with family, friends and good food. don't get me wrong i love good food and sweet treats, but in an effort to balance the good with the bad and avoid the sugar crash i have been looking for ways to have a more eco friendly and slightly healthier holiday.

i found so many great ideas floating around the web, plastic egg alternatives, non-candy egg fillers, beautiful crafts and limited candy fill basket ideas. realistically we don't except to a have a candy free / plastic free easter, however we would like to minimize the amount of these things. Here are a few of my favorite links that i found.

growing a green family has wonderful ideas for non-plasic eggs and a list of great links. i love the hollow wooden egg. the wooden eggs can be dyed, painted, or drawn on with marker. we were thinking of arming kingston with some markers and let him create. we will add to the collection each year since it is a pricier alternative. (we will also dye real eggs, but i find that activity is tough for little kiddos.) this family has the right idea over at craft knife blog. they purchase solid wooden eggs which are more economical and decorated them. i have been thinking these are also a great alternative to the plastic egg hunt. upon return of each egg the child would receive a prize, pick a prize from a basket or number them for a more orderly game. the daily pea dyed her wooden eggs here and here and design mom put together the sweetest little farmer easter basket. maybe we will do this next year. she really has the best ideas. check out her pinterest. i could go on and on so i have pinned these ideas and more here: e a s t e r . hope you have a happy, healthy, earth friendly holiday.

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