Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Base Camp Lately: Father's Day Weekend

we celebrated father's day with a relaxing weekend. saturday morning we checked out the aquidneck island growers' market for the first time. keith bought some bacon from pat's patured for sunday's breakfast which was delicious and i found a stand that carried great mosquito repelling plants. we purchased some lemon balm, citronella geraniums and basil for the backyard. the sweet lady running the stand even let our cub pick out a sunflower plant to take home. he is doing a great job of taking take of it so far. later we stopped by waterbrothers for a new t-shirt for dad, tacos for lunch outside under the tree at perro salado, then headed home for an afternoon nap and a snuggle wrestle as our little one likes to call it. please excuse the serious bedhead we are all rocking in most of the pictures.