Friday, December 14, 2012

Upcycled Baby Carrier

snugli was a common name used while growing up in our house. my mother and father often said "thank god for the snugli. it was all beth wanted to be in as a baby." i grew up thinking everyone carried their babies around like this and so would i someday. why wouldn't you? it seems likes the natural thing to do. recently i realized that baby wearing was not as popular in america as i assumed but it is making resurgence

why shouldn’t babies be held and carried for as long as they need to be ? i learned that  it takes a baby about 6 months to realize that it is even separate from you. when i started trying to get pregnant my mother told me that she still had a snugli and that it was mine when the time came. once it finally did the snugli was one of the first things i asked her about. she dug it out and i decided i wanted to add my own touch to it to make it mine. when i ever stumbled upon this vintage trim from the seventies on etsy, i knew it would be perfect for my upcycle baby carrier project. 

i had fully planned to sew this little project on my own, but since i have not sat at the sewing machine in a while my mother asked a much more experienced family friend to add the trim. after seeing how beautiful the carrier came out i was thankful to have the help. it was a better idea to have a skilled sewer complete the task. i am thrilled with the results. 

the soft corduroy baby carrier was made by snugli in the 70's. i love that it has an adjustable infant insert with snaps.
i fell in love with the trees and adorable windmills AND the colors were great for a boy or girl.
old school love
xo, beth-ann


  1. Do you have any pictures with your kid while using this carrier? I bet strollers would also be a great alternative.

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    1. yes! we have many pictures using this carrier (see future posts) and yes we also use a stroller. but the baby can not be near you in a stroller, a stroller is not easy to push around our home nor is it easy to push through a crowded public place.