Monday, October 7, 2013

Heading North

a few weeks back keith and i packed up the our little family early on a friday morning and heading north for a few days. it was a quick visit, but so much fun. we rented to cutest little red cabin in bartlett, new hampshire. the owners are very nice and so knowledgeable about the area. every morning at breakfast we learned something new and interesting. we spent a day at the top of mt. washington, picnicked in the valley, walked the woods and relaxed on the porch with our favorite beer.  

we spent most of saturday at the top of mt. washington enjoying the amazing views. with rare 96% visibility we could not pull ourselves away from the mt. range. the plan was to only visit for the late morning and go on an afternoon hike, but it was so beautiful we ended up staying much longer. the weather was perfect, the museum was interesting and watching the hikers ascend from their long journey  to the top was fun. although i was quite envious of them and really want to hike the summit someday in the near future.  

kingston napped and the dogs, keith and i hung out on the porch with a few drinks and one of my favorite snacks. later on that night we enjoyed dinner at flatbread company. baby is a big fan of their yummy organic pizza and i am a big fan of their brownie sunday. i know i have written before about how much i love this company, but it really is a great one and their website is so adorable. check it out if you have never taken a peak. below is the prettiest entrance/exit to their n. conway location. 

xo, beth-ann

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  1. That looks like SUCH fun! Gets me wanting to break out the hiking boots . . . Nothing better than a good hike.

  2. I am soooo behind but what a fantastic weekend! Looks like a wonderful time and I love the pictures - and oh my gosh your hair is so long! You look fabulous xoxoxo