Thursday, October 10, 2013

Endless Beach Days

new england is having a little bit of an indian summer so we are squeezing every last warm beach day out of the season as we can. an evening at the shore is a "must do" as much as possible every summer for us. good thing my mom and dad came along for the extra set of hands because there was no stroller holding this baby back during this visit to the beach. he was on the move and ready to join the fun. all he wants to do is try to run and swim with his cousins.  i think they are going to have a great time together once he is steady on two feet.

we extended the afternoon and decide to stay after dark with a warm cozy beach fire. we had yummy egg salad sandwiches made with local eggs, big chunks of organic celery and fresh parsley from the garden for dinner. and we drank the last of our summer beer. it was a new moon that night so the milky way twinkled especially bright over head. i was in such awe that i never even thought to photograph the nights sky. oh well....maybe next time.

xo, beth-ann

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