Monday, December 2, 2013

For Baby: Stocking Gift Guide

play. one, two, three // need: one, two // create //  build // cuddle // mimic

i was always most excited about my stocking as a little girl. the presents i could have done without and been quite content with a cute sock full of goodies. my mother always did such a great job hunting for nice little surprises. according to her it was hard to find good stocking items on a budget. there were no dollar stores or online shops. even with these available it took me a while to find items that i liked for a one year old. i certainly went a little over budget, but i included a few things he needed and figured since we were being minimal on gifts under the tree i could splurge a little on stocking stuffers. i also find that he likes to walk around with smaller toys in his hands. plus smaller toys are awesome for a baby on the go.

play: shatters and clackers make fun noises and i just love the porcupine by green tones so perfect for tiny fingers to grip. need: green sprout toothbrush/teether this is our second one and it is great for those back teeth. my little one is also ready for a new cup. i really like this one from dwell studios. the thermos will keep his drink cold and the top will hopefully keep the drink inside. we will test how unbreakable and leak proof it really is. our man cub has gone through two cups already. he likes to launch them to the floor. create: these jumbo beeswax crayons come with a canvas carrying case and received great reviews on old mill candles etsy. i can't wait to try them out. build: i think tegu are some of the best gifts around. this pocket pouch of magnetic wooden blocks are fun for ages 0+. they are currently running a 25% off sale and keep an eye out for deals on sites like zulily. next year a full set may be on the gift list i think. cuddle: i admit that this little guy i may like more than kingston, but i couldn't help myself. jacob is a native american linen doll from the leilalou doll shop on etsy. mimic: our little man is constantly reaching for our phones and anything that looks like a phone, mostly the remote control, goes straight to his ear with his best attempt at a hello. when i spotted this cute phone made by the original toy company with it's colorful buttons i knew i had to get it.

xo, beth-ann

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