Saturday, December 28, 2013

11 Months and 12 Months

i'm finally getting back on my computer to a share a few photos. since i'm playing catch up and we celebrated our little man cub's birthday last week i decided to post the eleven month and twelve month entries together. i wrote the eleven month entry and snapped these photos a few weeks back, but with the holidays sneaking up on us so quickly things have been crazier than usual around here.

at eleven months you are walking tall, screaming loud, laughing hard and cuter than ever. mama and daddy's baby is quickly turning into a toddler. where to begin… so much has happened during this month. you are officially walking, attempting to sing, hugging more and you love to laugh before bed. i think you get sleepy giggles. you hate wearing socks and remove them as soon as you get the chance. it must be because you prefer to practice running bear foot. you explore everything (touch everything) and your love for music continues to grow. your favorites on your playlist seem to be songs from the sound of music, edward shard and the magnetic zeros, and that silly fox song everyone seems to like.


mama and daddy can't believe you are a year old. where did the time go?! it has been such an amazing year. we have had a great time. you bring such happiness to our home. your walking has turned to sprinting especially if it leads to trouble. you love to stand on things and will climb onto or into anything you can, like the dishwasher, your bachi's coffee table and stairs. i swear you have super sonic hearing. when that dish washer door opens you come running and if someone forgets to close the gate at the bottom of the stairs you are on top of it. you definitely keep us on our toes. your favorite game is peek-a-boo at the moment. it's very funny. you are also talking a whole lot, but we only understand a few words. your newest words are dog and dora which you say often. you insist on eating your food in a bowl with utensils. you have even mastered your fork while eating eggs (your favorite food.) we are so proud to be your mama and daddy.

xo, beth-ann

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  1. So handsome! And looks like he's loving those gifts - I love the wrapping paper pics, he's so happy!