Sunday, January 12, 2014


december is always a busy month for everyone, but this year has been especially busy for us. my return to work, a first birthday and hosting christmas eve has kept us on the move. it is definitely a good kind of busy. however, we were very much looking forward to spending a few days together just relaxing. here are a few (okay more than a few snapshots from the month.)

it has been a quiet around the blog as we welcome 2014.  we are back to the daily grind. attempting to figure out new schedules and life with baby and two working parents. it has been a little bumpy, but i think we are starting to figure out what works for us. if i could only get this little cub to sleep through the night i think we would be golden. does anyone have any recommendations besides methods that involve "cry it out?" i would love to hear about them.

xo, beth-ann

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