Saturday, August 20, 2011

Newport Folk Festival Day Two

day two started off with a rough beginning. riding into Fort Adams State park the road gets very narrow and the bike lane disappears :( unfortunately for me i was in the front of the bicycle pack and all of a sudden i had a choice, hit a car or the curb. for a brief moment i thought back to my bmx days and maybe i still had the skill to jump a curb. boy was i wrong. before i knew it i was skidding and bouncing across the grass with my skirt wrapped up around my waist. yes! not only did i fall off my bike in front of a car line full of observers i also flashed them my plump bottom. ouch! after a heart filled giggle with my keith i quickly recovered. he reminded me i was no longer 13 and i could not jump curbs with a beach cruiser wearing skirt and platform sandals. besides that part the day was awesome :)
 David Wax Museum and The Secret Sisters with a great picnic spot out of the sun
once my ego recovered i picked up my camera. Trampled by Turtles were excellent and girl across the tent yelled "i want to be trampled by your turtle" which i thought was quite funny and clever.
Justin Townes Earle. we had a little misunderstanding during his show, but thanks to my friends explaining a few things   i like him again (sorry Justin.)
lots of listeners from the bay
Elvis Costello main stage 
he can sleep anywhere
The Civil Wars completed our day <3. need i say more.
a few bumps and grass stains but i was just fine
back to the hotel for a sunset toast with a dark and stormy 
a cozy dinner and late night stroll topped off our newport weekend 

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