Friday, November 27, 2015

Gift Guide: Family

keith and i are trying to stick to the want, need, wear, read gift giving concept with a little twist on that for the little one. i especially like to keep it simple for our cub, because his birthday is super close to christmas and i like to purchasing a few extra things for him in the middle of the year whether it is due to season changes or i see something that i know he will enjoy. for our cub we have ride, play, wear, read. ride, i wanted to wait on a skateboard, but he keeps asking for one, howls with joy if he spots one on the street and pretends to be on one regularly so when i spotted the cutest penny boards on etsy i cracked. read, of course, i can't resist a good theme book gift. this land is your land is one of his favorite songs we sing before bed. play, the vintage dutch memory game was a find. it includes all the pieces and price was great. i think he will love looking at the illustrations and playing. wear, i wait for jcrew to mark down their kids lambs wool sweater and have a sale on top of that to purchase this winter staple. we splurge and get it embroidered with his initials… can you say cuteness.      

need, new kicks since my foot has grown a little in the past few years. size sevens are just a little too short for this girl lately. read, honestly i don't think i have made it through a book since kingston was born. i could use a good one to get me motivated. wear, i have really been working to simplify my jewelry. i own a ton and haven't worn most of it in forever, but i do wear studs daily. you can't go wrong with a pair of real gold studs that go with everything and the best part is you don't have to take them off to shower. want, anything from farm house pottery out of vermont. their online store has me drooling. everything is so beautiful… and a little pricey, but these pots, scissors and pine candle are a few of my picks. my favorite candle is a good pine scent as long as its clean burning.

wear, keith has been wanting this llbean signature sweater for quite a while. read, the man love to cook. i'm not complaining. need, leather key ring fob. his keys chew holes in his pockets. want, a small pocket knife to carry daily. my husband is not easy to shop for which i think i have mentioned in the past. he either wants some obscure thing i can never find or tells me about something he would like days before christmas so i keep a running wish list for him on my amazon account and collect ideas through out the year. i actually do this for kingston, my nephews, myself and a few others we buy for around the holidays. most years the lists works out great and helps me remember quality over quantity and helps reduce my holiday stress level.

i enjoy puling these together so i may share a few other here soon. leave a comment and let me know if you like these or find them helpful or even dislike them. happy holiday shopping.

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