Monday, February 1, 2016

Gift Guide: For Your Littlest Valentine

february is here! not that we go too crazy on valentine's day, but i do like giving my loves a small gift, baking a festive treat and cooking up something fun in kitchen. last year i gifted my little one the plan toys fire truck and a pair of pocket stix. i couldn't decide between the two. this year he saw the scoots fire track and has been asking about it. i guess another fire truck it is this year. however, i have been adoring some of these other little gifts above. here is quick gift guide of my favorite items for your littlest love.

#1 baby goat :: #2 heart teether :: #3 heart bowls :: #4 heart barrettes :: #5 heart shoes :: #6 maze :: #7 fire truck 1 :: #8 fire truck 2 :: #9 pocket stix :: #10 grizzly bears

here are a few older valentine's posts: love filled week and sweetheart gift guide

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