Thursday, August 25, 2011

Midnight in Paris Double Date

one of my favorite pairs of earrings given to me by my mother. she found them on one of her travels.
justine's mini is perfect for driving in the city and even better for parking :)
here are a few images of the gorgeous costumes and scene shots from the movie. i'm totally in love with the white dress with red trim. i may have to sew myself a replica.
movie capture source
my beautiful friend justine invited us on a double date a few weeks ago while keith and i were on break from work. when she suggested Andrea's on Thayer followed by Midnight in Paris at the Avon how could I resist. the Avon Cinema is a historic single screen movie house with 1930's art deco style. we had an amazing dinner and of course Woody Allen's latest flick was quite entertaining. the scenes of Paris were truly magical and the 20's era dresses were to die for. i think a trip to france is in  our near future.  


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