Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kingston's Month One in Photos

this is a long one. i have been a little snap happy...sorry.
1. long two days - the night you were born
2. under the bili lights - your amazing papa rocked that pram for hours into the night. he would never let the nurses take you to the nursery. he was determine to sooth you.
3. o'my! - who thought it was a good idea to have a baby (just kidding). mommy and daddy become expert swaddlers quickly after this
4. sleep - we put each other to sleep often
5. your daddy - papa was the first to hold you and you think he is pretty awesome
6. daddy's arms - you look so small there
7. not quite as orange
8. are you breathing? - this is a question i will constantly ask 
9. wool booties - a life saver (warm feet = happy baby)
10. finally going home - baci and voo found you this tiny hat in spain 
11. that face
12. those toes - so long 
13. do we really have to bring you home? - kidding, kidding
14. welcome home :)
15. good morning 
16. <3
17. baby bliss
18. dora - reminding me she was my first baby
19. underdog - after looking at you for a few days he finally moved in for a cuddle
20. and stayed for a while

21. <3 U right back
22. daddy loves nap time
23. first bottle
24. winter walks
25. more winter walks
26. that loving stare again
27. <3 them
28. worm - you move a lot
29. dimples 
30. and your temper - its is more like yelling than crying
31. one month
xo, beth-ann

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