Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Top 5 Delivery/Recovery Room Must Haves

when i started to plan what i would be bringing for my delivery and recovery stay in the hospital a few things came to me right away. for example, a delivery mix tape was on the top of my list. since i was not thrilled with the idea of birthing in the hospital i wanted to make my time there as homey as possible. i am thankful i had these five items.  having a few things from home really helped, especially since we ended up having to staying for six nights.

1. music
this is a sample of the long playlist keith made for me. having some of my favorite music that we listen to on sunday morning while making breakfast really was nice. we put the 114 songs on low and let it play. even the staff mentioned how much they liked coming into our room.  

2. pillows
i packed two of our coziest most colorful pillows. the hospital pillows are small and the pillow cases are stiff. we were quite happy to have our own orange paisley pillows for napping. and they added some much needed color to the room.

3. robe
a pretty robe can help you feel human again. not an old ratty terry cloth one. a pretty one. i figured no matter what i was dressed in, my own pjs or a hospital gown, i could wear my robe over it and i would  feel a little like myself. 

4. focal point
i never thought to bring a focal point until the women who gave us our hospital tour mentioned it. she said to bring something that makes you happy. the idea grew on me and last minute i packed a framed picture of keith and i pregnant that we had in the house. i figured it would remind me of the wonderful end product, a baby. if i would have known we would be there so long i would have also packed one of the pups. i missed them so much. 

5. lamp
finally, and i know this seems a little extreme but, we brought our own lamp. i hate florescent lighting.  having a small reading lamp gave the room a warm glow adding comfort at night. 

i hope this lists helps you plan for your birthing experience or any stay away from home that may need a little cozying up. 

xo, beth-ann

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