Saturday, November 23, 2013

10 Months

mama and daddy can't believe you are already ten months old. everyone told us it would go by fast but, wow! this is lightning speed. you are changing so fast and becoming a little boy right in front of our eyes. recently you have perfected the figure four leg lock and twist around our arms during diaper changes, a persistent fish hook to my bottom lip while nursing, the strongest pinches i have ever felt, the turn and speed crawl away from us, the word "no" in a french accent along with a few other choice words that we will not mention and a fierce case of curiosity which is getting you into all kinds of trouble. good thing we love you so much. it also helps that you have started to become more cuddly. you give eskimo kisses and rest your forehead on ours. it's super sweet. your ability to melt our hearts is incredible.

<<< special thanks to auntie jocelyn for the super soft black dog tee >>>
xo, beth-ann

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