Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lost Halloween Photos

just found these cute photos from halloween on my camera. we were busy preparing for our huge crowd of trick or treaters that i forgot that i snapped these before dark. keith and i agreed to go low key with the costume this year. i had purchased the hoodie from old navy on sale after last halloween while pregnant. i figured it was festive for a boy or girl (we never found out what we were having.) the skeleton pj's were a gift from my mom. and the best part is he still wears both. a few years ago my friend made her older son a skeleton costume out of white felt, thick red thread, a black zipper hoodie and black jogging pants. she used a template to cut out her felt bones (similar can be found here.) she also used an adhesive webbing to stick them to the fabric and stitched them with red embroidery floss. it is a perfect costume for our chilly new england halloween nights and he wore it all winter. he actually may still be rockin' the cute hoodie.

our little man cub is quite the wiggle worm these days. it is not easy snapping a clear photo of him. i did my best. i'm actually surprised any of them came out. guess it is time to up the shutter speed and learn how to take better action shots.

xo, beth-ann

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