Thursday, November 21, 2013

Under the Weather

everyone has been a little bit under the weather around here lately. the last few weeks have been filled with tea, tissues, saline spray and snot suckers. add teething to the mix and we have one unhappy house. keith and i try our best to only use medication when absolutely needed so i'm forever looking gentle natural remedies. our little camper sports him amber teething necklace regularly to help with teething and we also give him chamomile pellets sometimes to help soothe him. however, once we have exhausted these we definitely turn to tylenol or motrin. recently, i saw this baby foot chart online and thought it is worth sharing. i have been giving kingston a gentle foot messages while nursing. i pay special attention to his toes. he loves it. if i forget he reminds me by placing his foot in my hand. it's very cute that he knows exactly what he wants and is not afraid to tell me.
* image adapted from pregnancy plus

xo, beth-ann


  1. Interesting! That's so cute that he wants these massages. I mean, who WOULDN'T want their daily foot massage?! ;)

    Found you through the link-up... We were supposed to be at a movie right now with a friend watching our son, but sadly we've been plagued by the winter snottiness. I feel like toddlers are snotty from about November-March.

    1. hi there christina! so cool, you might be my first comment from a link-up. which is awesome because i was not sure if the effort is worth it. thank for a motivation. i hope your little one feels better soon. maybe a little foot message will help.

      and i agree who wouldn't like a foot message several times a day. this kid's no fool ;)

    2. he has also started walking so i'm sure his little feet are sore too.