Sunday, February 1, 2015

Base Camp Lately: December

can you believe january is over?. i have no idea where the time went. december was super busy as i assume was yours. our little guy turned two, we prepped for christmas and took a train to the north pole. i find december to always be a little overwhelming, never long enough and so emotional. it maybe because we attempt to jam as much holiday fun as we can into three and half weeks and we now have someones birthday added to mix. this year was no different. but i have to admit the holidays are even more special with a little one. he just makes everything better. here is our december in photos. 
found our tree

birthday gifts for our cub


appropriate shirt for a little music man

singing with the mini guitar puzzle piece
always likes the paper more than the gifts

new ride

had to be chocolate per request

someone was upgraded 

can't believe he is two

watching the world go by out of the train car window 

the view

ticket to ride

perfect company

love these boys

pretty happy with that bell

oh my god that is santa (he has just grabbed the concept of santa… sort of.)

still not willing to sit on his lap though

keith and i patiently waited for this little one to wake up

the holiday season was so fun this year. we are really looking forward to next year.

xo, beth-ann

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