Monday, February 23, 2015

Remembering Paris

every year around this time i think of our trip to paris in hopes to return someday. several months before leaving i read an article about taking vacations and how the human brain responses to time off of work. the article contained a study (every article i tend to read always has a study) about what really makes people happy about going on vacation. the results were people enjoyed the anticipation of going away even more so than the vacation itself. in conclusion, the article recommended taking several shorter vacations throughout the year verses one longer holiday. the idea of serval shorter vacations is novel, however, for the budget traveller it is not ideal. prices of flights and gas keep this traveller on the longer less frequent holiday schedule. what we do practice from the article is maximizing the anticipation period by making an appropriate themed date nights out of planning and listening to fitting music several weeks before leaving. edith piaf was played quite a bit before, during and after our time in paris. the best part is now when i hear her music it brings me right back to that blissful vacation state of mind. you can check out our whole paris adventure here: paris calling

xo, beth-ann

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