Friday, February 27, 2015

Date Night In: Encouragement, Yes!

this past friday night i dragged my husband to a three hour couples yoga class. keith wasn't convinced this was a good idea and made me promise that we could bail two hours in if he was not feeling it. i agreed to the compromise, but had all intentions of ignoring his cues to jump ship. he ended up loving the class, time went by super fast and there was no shortage of giggles (keith could not resist the opportunity to quote the movie couples retreat "encouragement, yes!") i have been waiting patiently for a gentle partner yoga class to come to our area. i think it makes a great date night alternative to dinner and movie or dinner and drinks. this class unfortunately is not offered regularly so i thought a yoga date night at home would be easy enough to pull together. besides most of our date nights are spent at home anyway. here is all you need.

no. 1 easy to follow yoga book (with pictures), dvd or yoga youtube playlist / no. 2 mexican yoga blankets / no. 3 lifefactory water bottles / no. 4 madewell tee and ae joggers

xo, beth-ann

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