Saturday, September 3, 2011

Foggy Night at the Beach

my work schedule has kept me quite busy this summer so keith and i try to make the best of it and do the thinks we love regardless of not so perfect weather. i love beach fires. they make for a nice relaxing night. however getting the permit, gathering wood and scoping out the perfect spot can be time consuming so we usual have to plan on a day when one of us (keith) is not working. thanks to him our beach night turned out perfect. the not so nice weather kept many people away and with a nice cozy fire to keep us warm we did not mind the damp night. underdog and dora enjoyed to trip too. getting there early to play fetch is always a must.
first thing... PLAY!
our sight for the night
she's obsessed 
how can you  say no to the site of her sitting in the water patiently waiting

it was a good night :)


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