Monday, September 19, 2011

End of Summer Sunday

keith woke up sunday morning and really, really wanted GOOD eggs for breakfast. we started eating local fresh eggs several years back when one of my husbands co-workers gave him a dozen from his flock. now we are hooked and the store bought just does not compare. over the years we have evolved into egg snobs. lol. i only use store bought for baking. the fresh locals eggs have big yellow orange yummy yokes that make for the best egg sandwiches. keith enticed me out of bed by promising to make me "the portuguese" for breakfast. the portuguese is an egg and cheese with chourico (portuguese sausage) on a sweet bread mini roll. it's not very healthy, but hey... it is sunday. so we rolled out of bed, got the pups in the car and took a drive to the country about 20 minutes away. we bought eggs from the side of the road and sweet bread from one of our local portuguese bakeries. after breakfast we went for a much needed walk on the beach.
what beauties! 
the portuguese
our once sandy beach has been left rocky and eroded by Irene
u.d. chased the birds and dora swam
u.d. taunting dora
u.d. will only go in up to his knees so dora escapes him by going further in 
the last of the narragansett summer, striper keith caught last week with pineapple salsa, spanish rice and cucumber drizzled with balsamic for dinner
i love fall, but i always hate to see summer end. Doesn't it always feel like it went by way too fast? I'm not quite ready for the nights and morning to be cool again.


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