Wednesday, September 14, 2011

E.T. in the Park

one of our neighborhood association hosted a movie night in the park. keith, i and the pups went for a short walk around the grounds before settling into a spot in the back. we packed a picnic for the humans and natural filled bones for the k-9s. the cool night made for perfect weather for the event. the association decided to play E.T. which i thought was a fitting choice. the pups were on their best behavior even with other dogs and children running back and forth. it was a great way to enjoy a beautiful evening. sorry for the picture quality i forgot my camera at home so i had to use my phone.
baby bear some how ended up with most of the blanket and her and u.d.'s treats
beach chairs, pineapple juice and feta tomato pies 
cucumber, mozzarella, tomato basil salad
the movie started as the sun set and night sky filled with plump clouds reflecting various shades of blue. the setting could not have been a better.
it was quite a dreamy setting
drew barrymore was absolutely an adorable kid
a full moon topped off the perfect night

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