Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stone House

i have been dying to visit the newly renovated Stone House Inn since they have created a historically green environment for this gem. the inn is located on the rhode island coast and has been renovated top to bottom preserving it's historic charm while infused modern green technology and sustainable development. i will only share one impressive feature with you here so not to bore you with all the green details the estate has to offer. the inn utilizes Earth Heat (yeah.)  a geothermal HVAC system (yes, i am a geek.) like the sun, the earth's core naturally creates heat, consistent temperatures can be found 75-500 ft. down.  the inn has several 100 foot vertical bore holes which provide heat to pumps in the building. the pumps do the rest of the work by either sourcing or sinking the energy. pretty cool right? now if i could only get keith to dig a 100 ft hole in our backyard ;)

we made it before dark
hello full moom 
okay maybe almost full
this is the dress i wore for our engagement shoot 
i could not believe how nicely they preserved this landmark
we cozied up by the fire pit before dinner

keith ordered buttermilk fried natural chicken breast with bourbon-shallot gravy that was out of this world
i had the seared scallops with thinly sliced stacked potato, butternut squash, and cheesey goodness. wow is was so yummy!  
i have been working even more than usual lately, even though i promised i would cut back a little. my sweet husband is very supportive and wanted to surprise me with a dinner reservation at the inn's Tap Room a few weeks back. unfortunately miss Hurricane Irene had other plans for us and keith had to reschedule for a few weeks later. it was totally worth the wait. we both rushed home from work last saturday, quickly changed and jumped in the car to head east. keith was hoping to get me there before dark so i could take photos outside. we arrived right after sunset, enjoyed the grounds, cocktails at the bar and an amazing dinner. the radio even had some decent music playing for the ride home. i could not have asked for a better night.



  1. Beautiful pics, Beth!! Glad you had a date night.

  2. This place looks amazing! And I am intrigued by the heat source...very cool! And of are beautiful as always in the pictures!